Bare Metal Micro

AVR Toolchain Installation

5. Install on Windows

  1. Download the latest Atmel AVR toolchain from the Atmel website. Be sure to choose Atmel AVR 8-bit Toolchain. At the time of writing, the current version is 3.5.0. You will be required to create a myAtmel account or register as a guest with a valid email address to get the download link.

  2. The installer is a self-extracting 7-Zip archive. When you run the installer, you will be asked where to extract the files. I recommend choosing C:\ as this will result in the toolchain being placed in C:\avr8-gnu-toolchain\

  3. Next, you will need to download AVRDUDE from the AVRDUDE download area. You should choose the latest mingw32 version (e.g. At the time of writing, the current version is 6.2.

  4. Extract the zip file to a good location such as C:\avrdude\

  5. AVRDUDE depends on libusb to work. You can download the latest version of libusb for Windows from the libusb-win32 project download site. At the time of writing, the current version is

  6. Extract libusb0_x86.dll and libusb0.sys to the same directory as AVRDUDE. These files are located in the libusb-win32-bin-\bin\x86 folder within the zip file.

  7. Rename libusb0_x86.dll to libusb0.dll.

  8. Installation of the toolchain on Windows is now complete.